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I love typography, fonts, lettering, everything to do with the written word. I used to make fonts a very, very long time ago and even had one featured on chank.com at one point.

These three are some of my favourites, although to be honest, I took at least 15 shots this morning.

This knitting needle case was a great gift from an Aunt who knows I collected bakelite things. Love the pink!

A big old cake container. I also have a set matching cannisters. But they’re maybe only my third favourite set. Okay, I may have too many vintage cannisters.

I bought a set of vintage Vegas change cups years ago. They’re all really gorgeous but I’ve never been able to come up with a single useful thing to do with them.


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In My Studio

Is it a studio or a study or a craft room or just a mess containment unit? I can’t decide.

There’s a half finished patchwork cushion on the sewing side, half hemmed jeans on the floor and more art supplies than you can poke a paintbrush at to the right of screen. It’s not a huge room but it is getting smaller.

I am more than pleased to have moved in with my sweetheart but I am lucky to have a room of my own in our house.

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