Five Senses Friday

Tasting –
marshmallow slice (as seen above) and cupcakes from Sherbet, my new favourite cafe!

Hearing –
Brilliant local band, The Preytells and the new Sloan EP Hit and Run. I have a bit of a thing for the pop rock you see.

I also have a bit of a thing for deadly handsome, charismatic crooners. Meet Dan Sultan. And listen to the track Goddess Love. And then swoon.

Smelling –
My tomato plants which are currently sprouting nice fat green striped tomatoes. Which the nice fat green caterpillars love to munch on unfortunately.

Travel brochures, hotel reviews and confirmation emails that we are off to Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi next year!

Anxious about Christmas shopping. Not my own, but everyone else’s. My store relies on a good christmas period to make it though the quiet times. We need to get a LOT busier. And the last of my tee shirt orders from Slow Loris, FluffyCo and Squidfire need to arrive pronto!


Let Go

I’m not particularly good at challenging myself. I’m not saying I don’t seek out new experiences but if something falls outside my comfort zone then I’m generally not interested. But when Amber Fresh asked my sister and I to be in her diary project for next year, something that involves being photographed without any control over the resultant images, I just said yes. Despite the fear of having to expose myself. Despite that by participating, I somehow felt like I was showing off. Do you think I have issues with being the center of attention?

I first met Amber at a zine launch we hosted in the shop. I’d heard of her, she has a band and writes poetry and performed at Cottonmouth and seemed to hang with that intimidatingly smart crowd that scare me because you know, they’re all creative and intelligent and young and I don’t feel any of those things most of the time. But Amber is friendly and warm and charismatic and I wish I was more like that and agreeing to be in her project gives me a little taste of that world.

She came to our house last night and took photos of us and I was nervous and awkward and I probably looked like shit but I don’t mind so much. I have to learn to let go of the fear of embarrassment, of feeling too self conscious and just enjoy more opportunities that come my way. Right? Right.

The Love Shack

This was a lovely way to spend Friday afternoon, on the back porch under the trees. Hello summer!

To a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add
3 TBS gin
1 chunk fresh watermelon
1 tbsp cucumber peeled and diced
1 TBS lime juice
1 TBS ginger syrup
Shake and strain into a glass filled with ice and garnish with slices of watermelon and cucumber

Ginger Syrup recipe –
bring to the boil 1 cup raw sugar, 1/2 cup water and sliced fresh ginger (about 3cm piece).
Simmer a few minutes and then strain and cool.

This syrup also makes fantastic ginger beer!

Typography (of my Home)

I love typography, fonts, lettering, everything to do with the written word. I used to make fonts a very, very long time ago and even had one featured on chank.com at one point.

These three are some of my favourites, although to be honest, I took at least 15 shots this morning.

This knitting needle case was a great gift from an Aunt who knows I collected bakelite things. Love the pink!

A big old cake container. I also have a set matching cannisters. But they’re maybe only my third favourite set. Okay, I may have too many vintage cannisters.

I bought a set of vintage Vegas change cups years ago. They’re all really gorgeous but I’ve never been able to come up with a single useful thing to do with them.

Five Senses Friday

Need some pick-me-up tunes today so I’ve got the bright and sparkly brilliance that is Of Montreal spinning on the stereo.

We had an inside picnic today, say hello to cheese, cheese and more cheese.

I’ve had my eye on the postie, hoping today is the day he brings me this dress in a knee length version. Can’t wait to wear it!

A bit like a kid again. The boy is away until Sunday and my little sis is staying with me. Sisters are fabulous house guests. Lots of laughter and fun and snacks and tea and TV and good times.

Uh oh! I’m so naughty. I bought some new perfume. I am absolutely drawn to fragrances with an opoponax base and I picked up some Eau Lente by Diptyque without even trying it first. It’s quite spicy to me, it’s all clove and curry spices. Not as sweet as some of my other opoponax favourites like Imperial Opoponax from Les Neriedes. But it’s quite lovely and definitely a keeper.

Where Did You Go Today?

We got up early today but later than usual. We had coffee and an egg and sausage sandwich before delivering him to the airport to go to a conference.

I came home and made a dress, of sorts, before coming to work in my shop this afternoon. I’m kinda clock watching today, I just want to go back home and curl up on the couch in my jammies.

In My Studio

Is it a studio or a study or a craft room or just a mess containment unit? I can’t decide.

There’s a half finished patchwork cushion on the sewing side, half hemmed jeans on the floor and more art supplies than you can poke a paintbrush at to the right of screen. It’s not a huge room but it is getting smaller.

I am more than pleased to have moved in with my sweetheart but I am lucky to have a room of my own in our house.